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Basement flooding is one of the most difficult kinds of water damage to recover from even if there are restoration services available. That’s why prevention is the best solution. In this blog, Gutter Helmet® of Cookeville shares tips on preventing basement flooding and explains how gutter guards like Gutter Helmet can help.

  1. Check for Damage to the Foundation — Cracks in the foundation are one of the leading causes of basement flooding, so inspect this area first. Call a house foundation repair professional for repairs if you find cracks that extend below ground level.

  1. Keep the Sump Pump Properly Maintained — A sump pump is an electrical device that removes accumulated water from the foundation and is one of your best defenses against basement flooding. It collects accumulated water in a tank, which is then actively pumped out through a discharge pipe away from your home’s foundation. Depending on the type of sump pump you have, you may be able to perform maintenance by yourself or you may need to schedule professional maintenance. You may need a generator to keep the sump pump running in case of a power outage.

  1. Install Window Well Covers — Window wells are watertight covers that are installed right over existing window wells to help prevent rain and floodwater from leaking into the basement. There are many types of window well covers, but whatever you choose, make sure it can be opened from the inside easily. Window wells are designed to keep an egress window clear for emergency exits; they should never make window egress more difficult.

  1. Keep the Gutters Clean — Dirty, clogged gutters cannot perform properly. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help make sure the gutters route all rainwater to the downspouts. Consider investing in a gutter protection system like Gutter Helmet. Once installed, it eliminates the need to clean the gutters and helps reduce gutter maintenance requirements. This reduces the chance of basement flooding.

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