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Some maintenance activities are easy enough to be done DIY-style while others are better off handled by the pros. This is just as true for any part of your home as it is when it comes to taking care of your gutters, gutter guards and downspouts. Identifying which activities are meant to be done by certified professionals should help keep your system in tip-top shape without any unnecessary risks of accidents or injuries on your part.


Here are a few gutter-maintenance DIY tips from our experts at Chattahoochee Gutter Co., Inc.

The Do-It-Yourself Caveat

Taking on repairs and maintenance on your gutters involves plenty of risks. Because you’ll be working at a height, you must take extra precautions to prevent falling accidents. In addition, you’ll also be running the risk of missing a few key components which could lead to bigger problems on your roof and your gutters. It’s important to understand these points before you decide to take a DIY approach.

Loose Screws, Unsecured Nails

Your gutters, along with their accessories like gutter guards, railings and braces, are held in place by carefully located screws and nails. Over time, their grip can become loosened and the nails that fasten the gutter to your fascia board must be replaced. This is a fairly simple project that anybody with basic handiness skill can handle without too many problems.

Leaking Gutters

Patching up metal gutter joints, ends, outlets and miters with sealant is another handy DIY maintenance tip that can keep your home safe temporarily while you wait for the professionals to arrive. Of course, getting a licensed and certified contractor will give you a longer-lasting solution but in the event that the pros can’t get there faster than rainy weather, applying the sealer yourself can be a worthwhile alternative.

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