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Achieving an eco-friendly home doesn’t have to involve a complete remodeling job. In today’s blog, Gutter Helmet® of Northern Minnesota, your local source of gutter covers, offers tips to consider.

Incorporating Ground Cover

Instead of a traditional grass lawn, why not pursue alternative types of ground cover, including moss and clover? These are “greener” solutions than grass because they require far less mowing and water, especially during the hot summer months. Moss is perfect for backyard areas that receive more shade, while clover is suitable for areas that get more sun.

Avoid the Use of Pesticides

Pesticides are the antithesis of eco-friendly. It’s much better to use natural herbicides or wildlife for pest control. Alternatively, natural insecticides like oil-based sprays and soaps can work well.

Tackle Composting

In doing this, you cut down on the amount of garbage your household produces. Not only that, but your backyard can generate high-quality fertilizer necessary for plants and vegetation. You can build a compost pit or invest in a bin, where you can put all the things that decompose rapidly.

Harvest Rainwater

There are no regulations for harvesting rainwater in Minnesota; in fact, some counties encourage it by offering incentives. You can install large water tanks in your backyard, which are then hooked to gutter downspouts. The water that fills these containers can be used to water the garden, clean the exterior of your home or even wash your car

When collecting rainwater, be sure that it is not tainted with debris from the gutters. To be sure, you can invest in gutter covers installed over your home’s gutter system. Consider Gutter Helmet®, the number one choice in gutter protection. Call us today at (866) 937-3508 or fill out our contact form to obtain a free quote. We serve Culver, MN, and the surrounding areas.