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Need a gutter replacement? Considering getting one of those gutter protection systems? If you’re quite handy around the house, you’ve probably considered doing these projects on your own. And why not? They seem easy enough, right? Not to mention that you have most of the basic tools needed around the house, and what you don’t have you can just buy. But is that all that gutter installation requires? Not quite.

What Gutter Installation Truly Requires

For a gutter installation project to be successful, it requires:

General Carpentry Skills

Even simply snapping together pre-formed gutter sections will call for basic carpentry skills and manual dexterity. Having a lot of experience in these areas, gutter contractors are able to easily carry out the measuring, marking, cutting, and laying out required to do the job. Bonus: They are also knowledgeable in construction restrictions and building codes.

Sheet Metal Working Skills

Most professional gutter installation professionals have some level of training involving sheet metal working, giving them the know-how necessary to setting up and operating roll-forming machinery to properly fabricate, assemble and install seamless gutter systems. Sheet metal working basically requires mechanical, active learning, critical thinking and problem solving skills, among others.

Physical Skills

Installing gutters is physically demanding, with some jobs requiring carrying weights up to 55 pounds while climbing extension ladders. To install your own gutters, you need to be able to lift at least 75 pounds and reach, stoop, climb and stay standing for long periods without trouble.

Math Skills

Proper gutter sizing is critical to making sure a system works as it should. Professionals know how to calculate for drainage areas, making the necessary adjustments while factoring in pitch and amount of rainfall. They should also be able to allow extra water capacity and accommodate contractions and expansions due to temperature in their calculations.

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