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Tips from a Gutter Expert: Choosing Reliable Gutter Guard Systems

By January 8, 2014October 16th, 2023No Comments
This is basically how rain behaves when there’s a gutter: the rain falling on your roof is collected by the gutter and channeled straight to the ground. Without a gutter system, the rainwater can move in unpredictable ways, flowing to other parts of the roof and endangering the home’s structure and interiors. how-do-i-choose-the-best-gutter-guard The best gutter system enables rainwater runoff to flow in the right direction without carrying items that can clog the water pathways. Gutter guard systems, on the other hand, protect the gutter system from clogging by covering the gutters and preventing leaves, tree limbs, and other debris from entering. When choosing reliable gutter guard systems, there are several things to consider, including the system’s durability and the frequency of flushing the gutters once the guards are installed. Budget and roofing materials are also important factors since not all gutter guards are suited to all types of roofing material. For some homeowners, fire resistance is another major concern; most opt for flame-retardant polyethylene or metal guards. An article in wiseGEEK, however, mentions an attribute that many homeowners often forget when choosing gutter guard systems for their home: it must be easy to install and remove when necessary. Below is an excerpt: By going with a gutter guard that can be put in place in a matter or minutes, you also tend to have the option of removing the guard with equal ease. This can be especially important when you want to clean or paint the gutters without having to work around the guards. Gutter protection products are available in many varieties. One is the standard gutter mesh, which is usually fitted in the gutter and made from polyethylene or metal. This keeps larger debris like leaves and broken tree limbs away from your gutters, and acts as a barrier preventing birds and insects to nest inside. A simple gutter screen can be formed from a wire mesh. Another type of gutter guard system has thin slits instead of a mesh to allow water to flow freely inside without bringing debris. You must determine, with the help of professional gutter guard companies, the proper size and position of the slits relative to the size of your gutters. Providers like Gutter Helmet offer a nose-forward design that prevents debris from getting into the gutter system and directs rainwater to a small slit. At one point, you might ask yourself if a gutter guard is really worth it. Yes, but the right choice boils down to what is convenient for you, and easy to install and maintain. (Article Excerpt and Image from: How do I choose the best gutter guard? WiseGEEK)