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Part of your regular home maintenance involves cleaning out your gutters. This task may seem easy at first, but often can lead to dangerous mistakes if not done correctly. Far too often, homeowners attempt to clean out gutters themselves and end up falling off ladders or slipping on the roof, leading to serious damage and injuries that take a long time to heal!

Installing gutter covers can look deceptively easy at first glance, but it does require professional knowledge and a keen eye. Gutter Helmet offers professional, efficient and affordable gutter cover installation and cleaning services nationwide.

Mistake #1: Lying on the Roof

Many homeowners attempt to clean out their own gutters, lying on the roof on their stomachs and shoveling out leaves and debris. However, this can quickly lead to injury. Cleaning out the gutter typically does not require being on the roof. It is also best done from a ladder. Wet roofs can be slippery. With just one wrong step, you can fall from the roof to the ground, breaking bones and sustaining other serious injuries.

Mistake #2: Cleaning Alone

Another common mistake is doing gutter cleaning on your own. Using a ladder of 20 inches or more in length is a risk and it is better to have a second person with you holding the ladder and making sure it is steady. Having a second pair of eyes can be tremendous in preventing accidents when you install your gutter covers.

Mistake #3: Not Knowing What to Check

Most homeowners are also not sure what to check when cleaning out gutters. Leaf guard systems like Gutter Helmet’s require some knowledge before installation. It also is important that you look for any leaks or cracks that happen when your gutter system is broken or not working properly. Most homeowners do not possess this awareness or expertise and fail to check for flaws. While they may clean out gutters from debris, the gutters themselves may be damaged, leading to problems when there is heavy snow or rain. Without sufficient experience, most homeowners do not know where to look.

Choose A Professional Service

It is better and wiser to have a professional, experienced gutter cleaning service provider come out to your home, check for cracks, leaks and damage, clean out your gutters and install any necessary gutter guards for you, instead of doing it yourself. You will save yourself heartache, time, labor and possible injury.

 With Gutter Helmet, the nation’s premier gutter protection service provider for over 30 years, you can rest assured that you will receive excellent, consistent and reliable service for your gutters. Leaf guard systems like Gutter Helmet’s will keep your gutters clean and easy to maintain for many years to come.

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