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Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Gutter Maintenance

By June 9, 2016October 17th, 2023No Comments

A well-maintained gutter system ensures gathered rainwater flows smoothly into the downspout and away from your home’s foundation. An unmaintained gutter system, however, can cause a variety of problems to both your home’s exterior and interior.

Wait for a rainy day and gauge your gutter’s performance by checking if water is flowing freely from the bottom of the downspout. If you also notice water overflowing from the edges of your gutters, then there is a chance that the system is clogged.

Fortunately, you can rely on ABC Seamless Siding to provide you with Gutter Helmet in preventing the following problems:


Leaving leaves, pine needles, and other form of debris in your gutters, can lead to clogging. You can prevent this from happening by installing gutter covers in Anchorage AK, or the local area, from Gutter Helmet. They feature a Nose-Forward Design™, which stops debris while allowing water to flow smoothly into the downspout. This ensures that your gutter system is clear of debris and will keep you from having to clean it.

Ice Damming

Once debris clogs your gutters, it can cause water to stagnate and form into ice dams and icicles in the winter. This can cause leaks in your interior, compromising your investment. With our gutter guards, you do not have to worry about debris pilling up in your gutters. This means ice damming won’t be an issue anymore.


Once your gutter system clogs, it might sag and move away from the fascia board. This can lead to potential accidents and unwanted maintenance costs. By installing our gutter covers in Anchorage AK, or the local area, you can ensure that no debris falls in your gutter system. Aside from this, our gutter guards feature a ribbed surface, which allows them to handle heavy rainfall.

Keep these problems from ever occurring with help from ABC Seamless Siding. Call us today for a FREE estimate.