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When getting new gutters, it’s important to get good warranty coverage. After all, gutters are exposed to daily wear. In today’s post, one of Alabama’s leading gutter guard companies Gutter Helmet® Systems of Alabama discusses important things you should know about gutter warranties.

Material and Workmanship Coverage

When comparing warranties, the important thing to remember is that the paperwork will be written differently, but they are fundamentally the same. There are two types of warranties you should look for:

Material warranty, also known as factory or manufacturer warranty, covers material defects. While most types of material warranty cover problems such as premature corrosion, it may also cover accessories such as fasteners and hangers. Coverage may also extend to factory-applied coatings on galvanized steel gutters.

Workmanship warranty is also known as installation warranty. It provides coverage for installation errors and other workmanship-related warranties. This includes problems such as leaks due to incorrect caulking and gutters falling off because of the use of incorrect fasteners. Not all gutter manufacturers cover workmanship warranties, but gutter contractors may offer some type of “quality guarantee,” which should be clearly stated in the warranty paperwork.

Your Existing Roofing Warranty

Gutters are installed on the outermost part of the roof, the fascia. If your roof’s warranty coverage is still active, you will want to check with your roofing contractor for guidelines on how gutter installation won’t affect it. Depending on your roofing warranty terms and conditions, drilling into parts of the roof may be interpreted as unauthorized modifications. Some local roofers keep a list of recommended gutter contractors whose workmanship they trust.

The relationship between gutter installation and roof warranties may also extend to gutter protection systems like Gutter Helmet®. A typical gutter protection system installation involves tucking and fastening part of it under the first row of shingles. Fortunately, our gutter installation methods are approved by all roofing manufacturers.

Gutter Helmet® Systems of Alabama is one of the leading gutter guard companies serving Chelsea, Alabama and the surrounding communities. Give us a call at (866) 598-7525. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.

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