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Yard work often involves tools that can be hazardous if not used properly. This is why safety takes precedence over everything else, especially when you’re working with power tools such as lawn mowers that can easily cause serious or even fatal injuries.



In this article, gutter guard installer Gutter Helmet of Minnesota shares tips on how to prioritize safety when doing yard work.

Lawn Mowers

The blades of a lawn mower can spin faster than 200 mph, a speed that can fling a rock as far as 100 feet. Lawn mowers don’t even have to be powered on to be a threat, since about 20% of lawn mower-related accidents are from people trying to clean the blades.

Before using your lawn mower, check for any object that could become a projectile. You should also wear pants and closed-toe shoes. When mowing on an incline, move parallel to the slope so you can control the mower easier. Mow the grass only when it’s dry. Lastly, make sure the mower is turned off and you’re wearing heavy-duty work gloves before even attempting to clean the blades.


For a tool that has no blades, ladders still cause a significant amount of injuries every year. Avoid being part of that grim statistic by following these safety tips:

  1. Always use the proper type of ladder for the job at hand

  2. Never work alone when using a ladder

  3. Always wear non-slip gear

  4. Remember to always have at least three points of contact with the ladder

You can avoid having to use the ladder to clean your gutters if you have a reliable gutter cover that keeps all the debris out. Gutter Helmet of Minnesota is a professional gutter guard installer that offers high-quality products. Call us today at (866) 200-5339 for a free quote. We serve Monticello, MN.