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You may have already bought candies and decorations in preparation for the trick-or-treat crowd, but just because it’s Halloween season doesn’t mean you have to live in a haunted house, or at least a house that looks like it’s haunted.



In this article from Gutter Helmet® of Michigan, the home of the best gutter guard system in the area, we explore the curb appeal mistakes that might be making your home look haunted, even when it’s not Halloween.

Rotting Roof

If you’ve ever seen practically any horror movie, then you’ll know that any sign of disrepair can be taken as a mark of a haunted house. This applies especially to the roof. Letting your roof go unchecked for so long that it starts to deteriorate not only makes your house look like it’s home to various ghouls and ghosts, it also exposes you to health hazards.

Peeling Paint

Faded, peeling or cracked paint on an exterior siding is never a good look, no matter what season. Don’t let the neighbors think your house is abandoned by always making sure that the exterior paint is intact. You don’t have to choose a vibrant color to give off the ‘this-isn’t-a-haunted-house’ vibe, but you should at least choose a hue that goes well with the rest of your home.

Lack of Lighting

If the rotten roof and peeling paint don’t make people think your home is a haunted house, then the lack of lighting sure will. Bonus points if the light is faint and flickering.

Gutted Gutters

Unkempt gutters can become infested with various critters which only add to the haunted house appeal. 

Keep Your Home Beautiful

Invest in the upkeep of your home so it looks new and inviting, not dilapidated and haunted. Gutter Helmet of Michigan can help with the installation of the best gutter guard system in the area. Call us today at (800) 824-3772 to get a free quote. We serve Wyoming, Michigan.