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Most homeowners agree that the idea of rain gutter guards is appealing. After all, the best gutter guard products are designed to ensure you never have to spend money on a gutter cleaning company or waste your own time cleaning your gutters. The right product, installed professionally, can and will provide you with a positive return on your investment.

The Cost of Professional Gutter Cleaning

Although the cost varies based on the size of your home and where you live, the nationwide average cost of gutter cleaning, according to HomeAdvisor, is $157 – but may go as high as $225. To make the math a bit easier, we’ll estimate the cost at $150. If you have your gutters cleaned twice a year as recommended, you’re spending $300 per year. In 10 years, if your gutter cleaning company never raises their rates, at the very least, you’ve spent $3,000!

Time Spent

If you’re an avid do-it-yourselfer and take care of your gutters yourself, you need to find the time to do it. Most homeowners spend several hours on the task. That’s because there’s a lot of up and down and moving of a ladder around the home. You’ll also need to dispose of the muck you remove.

Time isn’t the only thing you’ll need if you do this job yourself. You’ll also need to invest in the tools the first time you do it. You’ll need a ladder high enough to safely reach the top gutter on your home, a tarp, bucket and cleaning tools. The tools may cost $200-250 but what is your time worth? And is the frustration worth cleaning them, season after season?

Investment in Rain Gutter Guards

Just as the cost of gutter cleanings varies, so does the cost of rain gutter guards. As you get quotes from different gutter cover installers, you should look at three things:

  • Material
  • Installation
  • Warranty or guarantee

Not all rain gutter guards are the same. What they’re made of and whether you install them or have them professionally installed will greatly influence the price. Of course, the warranty also matters. A gutter cover product with a one-year warranty will likely cost less than one with a lifetime guarantee.

Go With the Best in Gutter Protection

Gutter Helmet® products are rated the best gutter guard products on the market. Not only are they professionally installed, they’re made of heavy-gauge aluminum and come with a Lifetime Performance Warranty plus a Lifetime Materials Warranty. For most homeowners, it takes about 10 years to recoup a gutter cover investment; however, with Gutter Helmet, you’ll never have to worry about paying for gutter cleaning or new gutter covers again! To learn more about our superior product and exceptional warranties, call (800) 824-3772 or chat with one of our online agents to be connected to your local Gutter Helmet installer.