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Gutter wind damage is a common issue for homeowners living near a large number of trees. That’s because swinging tree limbs or wind-driven debris might dent or in extreme cases dislodge their gutter system.

How can you protect your gutters from wind damage? 

There Should Be at Least Two Feet of Space Between Your Home and Trees in Every Direction 

This is to prevent long tree branches from scratching or dislodging your gutters. 

Trim Overhanging Tree Branches 

You should trim overhanging tree branches before they’re knocked down by strong winds and damage your roof and gutters. 

Check If the Gutter Fasteners Were Loosened 

Moderate winds shouldn’t be a problem for gutters that were installed correctly. Strong winds, on the other hand, can move your gutters back and forth and in the process loosen their gutter fasteners. There’s also the issue of metal fatigue (which is what happens when a paperclip that’s been bent too much starts to break). 

Have Your Gutters Cleaned and Inspected Routinely 

As a general rule, if there’s a lot of foliage near your home, your gutter system needs to be cleaned and inspected every three months. 

Why Install Gutter Guards? 

If you want to reduce your gutter’s maintenance needs, there’s always the option of installing gutter guards, which prevent leaves and debris from entering and clogging your gutters. Keep in mind that low maintenance doesn’t mean “no” maintenance. That is except for Gutter Helmet®, a name that keeps appearing in best gutter guard reviews and the only brand on the market with a Never Clean Your Gutters Again® guarantee. 

For more tips on protecting your gutters from wind damage, consult a gutter contractor. 

Gutter Helmet Systems of Alabama, a local company with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau®, offers a wide range of exterior services as well as Gutter Helmet guards, which are featured in numerous best gutter guard reviews. To get a free quote, call us at (866) 598-7525 or fill out this form. We serve homeowners in Chelsea and the surrounding communities in Alabama. 

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