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The #1 gutter problem in America is also the top reason people come to this website for information. Simply stated, the problem is leaky gutters. If your gutters are leaky, water is no longer being effectively drained away from the foundation of your home. If you’re like most homeowners, this problem can literally hit you in the face; for example, when you’re fumbling for the front door keys during a downpour and being doused by a steady flow of water leaking from your gutters!

Do Some Research

Let’s say you’ve finally had enough and decided to do something about your leaky gutters, but like most baby boomers who have decided to take care of the upkeep of their current homes on their own, you’re not thrilled at the thought of climbing a ladder and getting up on the roof. After all, if you take a fall, chances are your back will never be the same again.

So, what do you do? Eventually, you’ll probably call some gutter installers and get a few estimates. Until that time comes, you need to be doing your homework to find out what causes common gutter problems and the best remedy for your particular situation.

The Main Causes of Gutter Problems

Gutter problems can be divided into two basic categories: performance and appearance. In other words, you’ll want to replace your gutters either because (1) they’re leaking, or (2) they’ve become an eyesore—or maybe even both! Below are some of the common causes of gutter leaks. 

  • Bad design or improper installation. Gutters might be leaky because they were improperly designed or installed or have become worn, warped or clogged with debris or ice.
  • Holes or cracks. Your gutters will weather over time. This means that not only will they eventually develop cracks and holes, they may also become unsightly because the metal has warped or the coating has faded or become chalky and gritty.
  • Improperly sealed or separated joints. Another thing that can happen over time is that the joints connecting the sections of gutters can start separating. This can usually be fixed by replacing old sealant that’s no longer watertight, but sometimes it may be necessary to replace the entire joint.

Protect Your Gutters With Gutter Helmet®

To keep your gutters leak-free and rainwater flowing smoothly through them, give Gutter Helmet a call at (800) 824-3772 to have one of our top-rated gutter protection systems installed. You can also check out the Gutter Helmet reviews on our website to find out what previous customers think about our system.