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Autumn leaves may be pretty to look at, but once they start piling up in your yard they become a nuisance. Before you know it, the leaves have taken over your lawn. Still, you might want to think twice before throwing them in the trash.


In this article, your preferred gutters company Gutter Helmet® of Cookeville, shares three practical uses for the fallen leaves in your yard.

Insulation for Other Plants

You can keep the tender perennials or young seedlings in your garden warm during the coming winter by using the fallen leaves as insulation. Take chicken wire or mesh fencing and install it around the plant that you’d like to insulate. Then, fill the enclosure with the leaves. This gives the vulnerable plants a fighting chance against the winter frost.

Leaf Mulch

Making mulch out of leaves is highly beneficial to your soil. For one, the mulch acts as a protective barrier so that useful garden critters such as earthworms can thrive. Mulch also suppresses weed growth, allowing your soil to become healthier. You can make mulch out of leaves by collecting as much as you can, then shredding them using a mower or a rake.

After shredding the leaves, spread them in a layer about three inches thick over your flowerbed. Make sure you don’t cover the stems. Finally, hose the layer down with water so it settles on the soil.

Extra Insulation

Pack the leaves as tightly as you can and store them in your garden shed, basement or garage

While leaves are useful, you don’t want them to end up in your gutters. Gutter Helmet of Cookeville offers and installs Gutter Helmet products that will help keep your gutters clog-free, no matter the season. Call us today at (931) 510-8680 to schedule an appointment. We serve Cookeville, TN.