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A Homeowner’s Association (or better known as HOA) is responsible for the management of a residential community. It’s usually run by an elected board of directors, with monthly, quarterly or annual fees paid to the HOA to manage the day-to-day operations of the community. That means they’re responsible for establishing and enforcing rules and regulations as well as maintaining shared areas such as the gym, pool or playground. 

But is it necessary to seek approval when replacing gutters? Gutter Helmet of Eastern Shore explains what you need to know:

How Your HOA Improves Your Neighborhood

One of your local HOA’s main goals is to improve and uphold the property values of their community. This is done by holding each homeowner to the same set of standards as outlined in the rules and regulations. That means your home’s architecture will likely have certain design restrictions on what you can do to its interior or exterior. This includes color, height and even the type of gutters. 

Why You Should Get Pre-Approval First

Fortunately, most HOAs will usually approve exterior changes to your home if it won’t affect its visual aesthetic. Replacing or installing gutter guards, for instance, shouldn’t affect your home’s aesthetic depending on what type you choose. But any type of exterior renovations will often require approval from your HOA to ensure that the completed project meets their standards and complies with their rules and regulations. 

Getting the approval can slightly differ for each HOA, so make sure to contact your local HOA to know the process for requesting approval for a change in the interior or exterior of your home. Usually, you’d need to present them a project proposal form that provides the details of what you’ll renovate in your home. Your HOA will either approve, deny or even conditionally approve your project by giving restrictions on color or material choices.

Gutter Helmet of Eastern Shore is your best choice for top-notch gutter installation and maintenance services. If you’re looking to install gutter guards, just call us at (866) 333-8150 or you can fill out our convenient online request form to get started. We serve our customers in Maryland, including Salisbury and the neighboring areas!

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