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If you grew up with maple trees in your neighborhood, you probably have fond memories of maple spinners. Perhaps you called them “helicopters” or “whirligigs.” They are fun to watch fall from the trees and chase around the yard. Now that you’re a homeowner, you may realize what havoc these seeds cause for your home, especially the gutters. 

Why Some Gutter Guards Can’t Handle Maple Seeds

Many gutter guards are little more than mesh screens. As maple seeds drop from a tree, they spin. When they land on a mesh-style gutter cover, one of two things happens. If the seed lands point down, it sticks into the mesh. If it lands flat, the seed may lodge itself in the opening intended for water runoff. If the openings are big enough and the seed is smaller, it may even fall right through the hole. No matter what happens, what you believed to be a top-rated gutter guard when you bought it now has you up on a ladder again, cleaning your gutters!

What Is the Solution?

The best solution is a gutter guard designed to withstand seeds, leaves and twigs from all tree species. The designers of Gutter Helmet® took into account these pesky seeds. Because the Gutter Helmet gutter cover has a solid, nose-forward design, there are no small openings for seeds to become lodged in. You’ll find that we have some of the best gutter guard reviews speaking to the fact that our gutter covers keep everything out! 

What Else Does Gutter Helmet® Do?

Not all homeowners deal with maple spinners. If pine needles are your nemesis, you’ll find that Gutter Helmet prevents those from getting into the gutter system too. Unlike mesh-style gutter covers, where the needles almost always fall right through, the “helmet” keeps needles out of the gutters. Although most gutter cover products do an adequate job of keeping leaves from entering gutters, we don’t know of another product that promises that you’ll never clean your gutters again. Gutter Helmet not only keeps leaves, seeds and pine needles out, but also twigs and dirt that other gutter covers let right through.

Gutter Helmet’s multiple patents and Triple Performance Lifetime Warranty give you peace of mind that your gutters are protected for life. Our installers are trained in the proper installation methods and have been approved by major roofing manufacturers so your roof’s warranty is never jeopardized. If you’re ready to learn more about what is truly the top-rated gutter guard with the best gutter guard reviews, contact us today at (800) 824-3772 or request a free quote.