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It’s common knowledge that gutters systems have to be durable enough to resist corrosion, but have you ever given any thought to what keeps your gutters in place? Without sturdy fasteners, your gutters may begin to sag due to the combined weight of rainwater or foliage.

Gutter Fasteners and Their Pros and Cons

That’s why you need to give as much thought to the mounting of your gutters as you do to their durability. Mr. Fix It Virginia, your go-to company for gutters, lists the pros and cons of the different ways to mount gutters below.

Exposed Bracket and Strap 

A bracket is well-suited to fascia boards. It wraps itself around the guttering, giving your gutters enough space for thermal movements or the expansion and contraction of metal as temperatures rise and fall. However, you’d need to extra care while cleaning your gutters if they’re attached using a bracket, as the straps can easily be knocked off.

Spike and Ferrule 

This budget-friendly option is suited to homeowners who want something that’s easy to install. However, this might not be the best option for those living in cold regions, as the mounting might loosen after repeatedly undergoing freeze-and-thaw cycles.

Hidden Gutter Hangers 

Hidden gutter hangers provide an obstructed roofline, making it a suitable choice for homeowners who’re concerned about aesthetics.

Hangers With Rods 

If your house doesn’t have a fascia board, you can install a roof hanger instead. Just make sure to get one with rods, as they’re stronger than flat straps.

However, there’s one disadvantage with all of the aforementioned options: the nails and screws that are used to attach gutter systems to houses create a small opening for rainwater to drip out. Using a nail-free gutter attachment, like SnapLock™, will help prevent this problem.

Mr. Fix It Virginia offers SnapLock gutter hangers as well as a variety of premium Gutter Helmet® products. For inquiries, call us at (866) 985-9437 or fill out this form. We serve homeowners in Ashland, Virginia.