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Gutter leader heads, also known as collection boxes or conductor heads, are gutter system components that add protection against overflow at the roofline. A leader head also serves as an aesthetic component to an otherwise plain-looking gutter systems. In this blog, gutter protection products contractor, Carolina Gutter Helmet®, takes a closer look at what gutter leader heads can do for your home.

How Gutter Leader Heads Work

Gutter leader heads are installed near the top of downspouts, essentially working as a funnel. It helps prevent overflow by introducing airflow into the downspout. This helps prevent vacuum lock near the top of the downspouts and prevents overflow. It also allows directing more than one downspout into a single location.

Gutter leader heads are made from the same material as the gutters. Gutter contractors with custom-building capabilities should be able to build one that can be added to existing gutters, or it can be incorporated into the new gutter design. Gutter leader heads can be made with virtually any decorative profile or can be as streamlined as needed to match contemporary house styles.

Should You Get Gutter Leader Heads?

Many homeowners choose to have gutter leader heads installed for its aesthetic value as well as the “headroom” it provides even if the local average rainfall does not require its use. However, you may need gutter leader heads if your gutters tend to make a “gurgling” sound, which may or may not be accompanied by overflowing rainwater. Gutter leader heads may also be used for water collection systems.

While proper gutter sizing is the ideal solution for overflows, it would require a complete gutter replacement, which may not be the best option if other parts do not have this problem. If you’re not sure whether or not you should get one, your local gutter contractor can inspect your gutters and see if leader heads are needed.

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