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Gutter repairs are best left to professionals, but there are a few things you can do on your own to help keep your gutters in good condition. In this blog, ABC Seamless Siding, provider of the gutter protection system with the best gutter guards reviews, Gutter Helmet®, shares some pointers.


Install a Downspout Extension

Downspout extensions are flexible attachments that can extend short downspouts. They are designed for downspouts that terminate at the wrong spot, either due to poor design or the area around it being altered. Downspout extensions are available in sizes that fit most standard downspout sizes. We recommend taking measurements of your downspouts before buying a set. You may need to use tin snips to trim the downspouts, in which case we recommend wearing metal fabrication gloves.

Silence Dripping Sounds

The sound of dripping water in the downspouts can be annoying. The solution is a surprisingly simple one: simply tie one end of a nylon rope to one of the gutter hangers, then run the rest of the rope down the downspout. Capillary action will make the drops of water cling to the rope, silencing the dripping sounds. Make sure you take all safety precautions to prevent injuries. If your gutters are covered by a gutter protection system like Gutter Helmet, ask your gutter contractor how to do this safely.

Reapplying Sealant

If your gutters are leaking at the joints, they may need fresh sealant. Make sure you are using seam sealers that are designed for gutter use, or ask your gutter contractor to recommended brands. A seam sealer is different from the typical sealant used on windows, as it has a more watery consistency. This allows the sealant to penetrate into the seam. Before you apply the seam sealer, make sure the old sealant is thoroughly removed and the area cleaned and dried.

Removing Leaves From the Downspouts

Downspouts are tricky to clean. Because they lack open troughs like the gutters, anything that gets stuck within tends to stay there. In the event of a sudden downpour, two things could happen: either the runoff dislodges whatever it is that’s stuck in the downspouts, or it causes the gutters to overflow. Fortunately, you don’t have to leave this to chance. You can clean the downspouts by simply running a plumber’s snake through them, then wash off remaining debris by spraying the roof with a garden hose.

ABC Seamless Siding is your leading provider of Gutter Helmet, the gutter protection system that has earned top gutter guards reviews. Give us a call at (866) 405-8248 or fill out our contact form. We serve customers in Anchorage, AK, and surrounding areas.