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Cleaning your gutters is one of the important steps of gutter maintenance. It’s a regular chore that you should do every now and then if you want your system to remain in top shape. Otherwise, your gutter system can fall apart and cause further damage to your home. While it’s possible to clean your gutters on your own, if you’re inexperienced in doing so, it’s likely that you’re making a few mistakes in the process.

In this post, Mr. Fix It Virginia, the pros to go to if you want to install the best gutter systems, discusses the gutter cleaning mistakes you’re likely making.

Inappropriate Clothing

When climbing a ladder to clean your gutters, make sure you’re wearing the correct protective attire and footwear. Your shoes should be closed and have rubber soles for maximum grip while your eyes, head and hands should also be covered with protective clothing like protective eyewear, a helmet, and gloves respectively. That way, you can protect yourself from any flying debris and pests that are hiding in the gutters.

Right Tools

If you’re cleaning your gutters on your home, it’s vital that you have the right tools to get the job done. These tools include sprays, vacuum, and broom-like tools that can make the gutter cleaning task faster and easier. However, they may not be able to fully unclog your gutters so use your hands if need be and always be thorough about cleaning the entire system.

Ignoring Ladder Safety

Climbing your ladder is actually a two man job to prevent any related injuries. While climbing the ladder, make sure someone is down on the ground to secure the base. Avoid overreaching while you’re on the ladder as well to prevent it from being too wobbly or falling over while you’re still standing on it.

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