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There are so many gutter covers available; so how can you determine which one is right for you and your home? The next installment in our gutter guard review series offers more information that will help you understand the most popular gutter protection systems on the market and find the best solution to keep your gutters clean.*

Perforated Metal Guard Fail: A Flat Cover

The design of gutter protection products varies widely. Metal drop-in gutter guards consist of a piece of aluminum perforated with small holes. The cover lies flat on top of the standard gutter and fits under the front lip of the gutter. The product is also available in versions that fit four-inch, five-inch and half-round gutters.

Perforated metal guards are simple and convenient to install, which is why a variety of contractors prefer this system. They can purchase the covers inexpensively at their local building supply distributor, drop them in and be done. However, there’s one thing that you can expect from the flat design of this gutter guard: leaves will cause problems.

In the world of gutter protection, flat is bad because it essentially creates a place for leaves and other debris to “sit.” When the only way for water to enter gutters is through perforations in the cover, this means that debris will eventually cover the holes and water will be blocked. The system performs satisfactorily when leaves are dry and can blow away, but when leaves become wet and soggy, they stick to the cover and impede the performance of the system. This creates a back-up as water becomes trapped over sections of a gutter.

In addition, pine needles and seeds can become trapped in the holes, making the perforated guard difficult to clean.

Solution: A Pitched Helmet

The patented Gutter Helmet® system features a solid cover that is pitched with the roofline and covered with a textured surface that increases surface tension, allowing rainwater to cling to the surface as it flows downward. The edge of Gutter Helmet is curved and extends past the edge of the gutter to allow rainwater to flow naturally around the curve and into the gutter system. Meanwhile, leaves, twigs, needles and debris fall to the ground, rather than clogging up your gutters!

To find out more about this unique gutter protection system, call (800) 824-3772 to schedule a free, in-home quote with your nearest certified Gutter Helmet dealer.

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* The information contained herein is solely the opinion of Gutter Helmet® as based on our observations in the field of gutter installation, gutter protection and gutter maintenance.