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Something can go wrong with your gutters any time of year, so it is important to always watch for signs of issues. However, it is extremely important during the fall, because you want to make sure your system is ready for the harsh weather often accompanied by winter. Here are four common issues and some tips on taking care of the problem:

Downspout Drainage

Your gutter system is supposed to direct water away from your home. Some downspouts release water right next to the foundation of a home, which can lead to flooded basements and other water issues. If this is how your system works, you may want to add downspout extensions to ensure the water is taken far away from your house.


Your gutters could leak from badly sealed joints or from punctures in the system. Caulking joints and small holes may fix the leaking issue. If the hole is larger, you may need to talk with a professional about putting a patch on the area of the leak.


Fall is often the time with the most falling leaves, and therefore the dirtiest gutters. You can stop your gutters from clogging by cleaning them frequently or installing a Gutter Helmet protection system. Without a functioning gutter protection system, you should clean your gutters biannually.

Sagging Sections

Do certain parts of your gutter system seem to be sagging away from your roof line? This could mean your hangers are missing, spaced too far apart, or broken. To fix the issue, you will need to replace the bad hangers or add some extra fasteners.

A properly working gutter system will help protect your home and landscaping from water damage. During the winter, the system can also help reduce the formation of icicles. Have a gutter inspection done or watch for these issues to make sure your entire system is in working order and ready for winter.