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Fall home maintenance tasks can often take up time that you’d prefer to spend relishing the crisp outdoor weather. Fortunately, some chores are simple enough for your kids to do. By enlisting their help, preparing your home for the winter months will be easier and faster, and your kids will learn valuable lessons along the way. Gutter Helmet® Systems of Alabama, your trusted source for the best gutter guard system in the area, shares simple home maintenance tasks your children can do.

Two boys raking leaves outdoors

Raking Leaves

Many kids find this task fun and enjoyable, especially if you let them jump into the pile of leaves once the job is done. Make sure they’re willing to rake them back up again. With this task, you prevent your lawn from having bald patches come springtime.

Turning Leaves Into Mulch

Piles of leaves can be turned into mulch instead of burning or bagging them for disposal. Get your kids to assist you in shredding the leaves before scattering them around trees and in flower beds. Through this task, you protect your plants from the cold weather.

Sweeping and Vacuuming

Kids can do these chores just as well as you can, allowing you to focus on more important, less child-friendly home maintenance tasks. Speaking of less child-friendly chores, the following are some of the tasks that will require the expertise of the professionals:

  • Gutter Cleaning – Falling leaves in the autumn are a constant threat to your gutters’ overall function. Make it a point to have them cleaned this fall to prevent blockages and ensure their reliable draining performance.

  • Gutter Guard Installation – If you’re tired of gutter cleaning, you may consider investing in a gutter protection system. It blocks out dirt, debris and leaves effectively, preventing clogs and overflowing water.

Gutter Helmet Systems of Alabama is an authorized dealer for Gutter Helmet, considered the best gutter guard system in America today. To learn more about this amazing product, call (866) 598-7525 or fill out our contact form. We serve homeowners in and around Chelsea, Alabama.

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