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Guests and buyers often judge your home by its exterior. A properly maintained home looks more inviting and helps in creating a good first impression. Addressing repairs and accomplishing minor upgrades can give your home’s curb appeal a boost. It’s even possible to increase exterior aesthetics in winter.

Clean Your Exterior


Get rid of fallen leaves surrounding your property as they tend to look unsightly. Remove debris that has settled into your gutters and downspouts. For your safety, it’s best to leave gutter cleaning to professionals. Consider washing your siding if it’s filled with dust or looks grimy. Sweep your front porch and walkways, and remove any cobwebs or dust hanging in the rafters.

Refresh Your Front Door

Upgrade your old entry door with a new door style that complements your home or adds a pop of color to your exterior. A fresh coat of paint can also improve the appearance of your front door. Along with this upgrade, you can add new address numbers, outdoor lighting and a doormat.

Check the Condition of Your Exterior

Make sure to address issues with your home’s exterior. Missing or damaged shingles can be a turn off for prospective buyers. It’s the same for discolored brick and damaged siding. Check if your doors and windows  are operating smoothly and seal any cracks to avoid air leaks. Keep in mind that curb appeal also involves maintenance.

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