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During the frigid months of winter, many homes see the development of ice dams on their roofs. This phenomenon occurs when snowmelt freezes as it reaches the eaves, which are generally colder than the rest of the roof, resulting in a solid mass of heavy ice combined with whatever debris was carried down the roof. 

Problems Caused by Ice Dams

The weight of this accumulated ice can be extremely damaging to roof and gutter systems, causing gutters to buckle, sag and pull away from the house. Another danger is the damage an ice dam can cause to roofing materials as ice pushes up under shingles, trapping water against the roof’s surface. This dammed water can then penetrate the decking and underlayment, leading to interior water damage and wood rot.

How Helmet Heat® Stops Ice Dams

While a lack of attic insulation, poor ventilation in the attic or a combination of the two are typically at the root of ice damming, Gutter Helmet has developed a solution that can help head off this problem: a heated gutter system known as Helmet Heat®. This system is installed inside Gutter Helmet gutter covers to prevent ice dams and frozen gutters through the use of self-regulating heat. Read on to learn some of the advantages Helmet Heat offers over other roof heating cable systems.

  • Helmet Heat requires 50% less cable than traditional exposed wire systems.
  • Helmet Heat automatically adjusts to the outside temperature, so it never needs to be turned off or on.
  • Helmet Heat cables cannot overheat, making them a much safer and more efficient solution than other heating cables.
  • Helmet Heat is invisible, as Gutter Helmet’s patented brackets are specifically designed to carry and conceal the Helmet Heat cable, so there are no exposed wires or clips to detract from your home’s exterior aesthetics.

Together, Gutter Helmet gutter covers and the Helmet Heat de-icing system are the best options available for protecting your roof against damage caused by harsh winter weather

Learn More From a Gutter Helmet® Dealer

Gutter Helmet is engineered to withstand the heaviest snowfalls, while the self-regulating Helmet Heat heated gutter cap quietly prevents frozen gutters and the formation of ice dams. For a free quote on what it takes to have this dynamic duo installed on your home, contact

Gutter Helmet today at (800) 824-3772.