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Copper rain gutters are beautiful and they can make a wonderful addition to most kinds of homes. However, they have specific needs when it comes to maintenance, particularly if you want to keep them shiny. In this blog post, Chattahoochee Gutter Co., Inc., the leading choice for the best gutter systems in our local area, explains how to take care of copper gutters.

A Disclaimer

First off, we’ll start with a disclaimer. Some homeowners want their copper gutters to have patina. They find it attractive because it adds distinct charm to their copper gutters. For these homeowners, their copper gutters will simply grow more beautiful over time. This guide is geared towards homeowners who prefer the shiny copper look for their gutters.

Cleaning Your Copper Gutters

The patina is formed through a chemical reaction between the elements within oxygen and copper. They naturally form on the surface of copper. Fortunately, patina is still possible to remove with patience, labor and some common household products. First, you’ll need to pour four cups of vinegar, four cups of flour and four cups of salt into a plastic bucket. Mix these materials together to form the cleaning paste that you’ll use for your gutters.

Place an extension ladder along the edge of your house. Make sure to lean the ladder against your gutters in a way that does not dent the metal. Hang the cleaning paste on a bucket hook and then dip a soft-bristled scrub brush in the paste. Cover at least half an inch of the bristles. Rub the cleaning paste onto the copper gutter surface. Wiper over the area with a soft cloth. Spray the surface of the gutters to remove the paste residue. Repeat until your gutters are fully cleaned. Since climbing up ladders is dangerous, we recommend not doing this process by yourself but instead hiring a pro to do it for you.

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