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Downspout diverters, also known as rain barrel diverters, are gutter accessories that allow you to collect rainwater. Gutter guard installer Gutter Helmet® of Northern Minnesota share a look at downspout diverters and their benefits.

How Downspout Diverters Work

Downspout diverters are made to be inserted into existing downspouts. A diverting mechanism allows the rainwater to be diverted into an opening in the middle, which can be tapped to route rainwater into rain barrels or similar rainwater collection containers. A typical downspout diverter design features an opening that fits most types of drain hoses, such as the ones used on washing machines. Others feature jointed segments that can be folded out of the way during the off-season.

All downspout diverters work on the same principles. Rainwater is diverted using a mechanism that can be switched back to the rest of the downspout when needed. If the rain barrel fills up, additional rainwater will then be routed to drains as usual.

Differences From Rain Diverters

Despite their similar names, rain diverters are entirely different from downspout diverters. Rain diverters are like a cross between flashing and gutters, and are installed over sections of the roof (typically valleys) where rainwater would overshoot the gutters. Once installed, rain diverters divert excess rainwater into the gutters. Rain diverters and downspout diverters, along with gutter protection systems such as Gutter Helmet, can coexist in the same gutter system.

Installing Downspout Diverters

To install a downspout diverter, a section of the downspout must be cut to accommodate it. The upper end of the downspout may need to be crimped at the corners for a good fit. The bottom segment of the remaining downspout should also fit. A drain hose can then be attached to it and routed into rain barrels or similar receptacles. A gutter professional like us can help you choose the right type of downspout diverter, as well as install the product without damaging the gutters or voiding your gutter warranty coverage.

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