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With the kids on break from school, summer presents a great opportunity for the whole family to spend quality time together. But with younger children just bridling with excitement, finding a list of activities that will keep them from being bored can be a challenge.

Fortunately, there’s no need for you to waste precious time brainstorming a list of summer activities. GH of Minnesota, your go-to company for rain gutter covers in the state, suggests some activities below.

Camping Trips

Roasted marshmallows and s’mores often bring back childhood memories of camping trips. Of course, summer camp’s always an option, but that would mean spending less time with your kids over the summer break. So, why not take them camping yourself?

Outdoor Barbecues

Speaking of open fires, you can also hold a barbecue for the family. Nothing says summer like grilling steak under the hot summer sun and dining al fresco.


Of course, summer isn’t all about fun. The summer break is also the perfect time to build character in your kids and teach them the importance of hard work. But there’s no harm in trying to incorporate an element of fun in character-building work. Taking the kids to an orchard or your backyard garden to pick produce will not only help lay the foundation for healthy eating but also gives them an idea on the hard work people have to put in to put food on the table.

Idle Relaxation 

Be careful not to overload your kids’ schedule with too many activities, though. It is, after all, still their summer break, and they’re just kids. Simple activities like gazing at the night sky while lying on the grass or dangling their feet off the dock can provide a welcome respite for stressed-out students. 

And sometimes, just being with them in those small moments is the best way to bond with them. Moments like these are precious, irreplaceable and happen spontaneously. If you’re always preoccupied with work and chores, like gutter cleaning, you may miss out on these priceless moments.

If too much of your time is wasted on doing chores like gutter cleaning, it may be worth investing in rain gutter covers. After all, the initial cost is a small price to pay for spending more time with your family. 

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