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Do Away with Gutter Cleaning and Secure Gutter Protection from Gutter Helmet

By April 4, 2014October 16th, 2023No Comments

How do I Choose the Best Gutter Guard imageCleaning gutters is not an easy task but it’s important to extend their use. Leaves and other debris can clog the water flow, which can result in the formation of rust, while objects jammed inside can become a fire hazard. Meanwhile, stagnant water will encourage pests that will eventually invade your home. Worst of all, if left unattended, the water will eventually endanger the home’s overall foundation.

To prevent serious problems like these from happening in the future, homeowners should install dependable gutter protection. A gutter guard is like an insurance policy; a one-time investment that pays off as it secures the condition of the house through time. Moreover, with proper gutter protection, homeowners stand to save time without having to worry about climbing a shaky ladder. This WiseGeek article points out what to look for when shopping around for gutter guards:

Easy installation is essential when choosing a gutter guard. There are designs that will easily adapt to different sizes of gutters and secure to the frame of the gutter using simple clips along the edges. By going with a gutter guard that can be put in place in a matter of minutes, you also tend to have the option of removing the guard with equal ease.

It is also important to pay attention to the materials used to construct the gutter guard. Many designs call for the use of mesh for the main body of the device. Mesh serves as an effective barrier to larger debris such as leaves and broken limbs while still allowing rainwater to flow into the gutter with ease. Gutter screens may be constructed with wire mesh or with durable plastic or resin mesh as well.

If you are thinking of buying, you should consider all these factors and call a reliable service provider.  Gutter Helmet offers the most reliable gutter guard in the market today, and they promise that you’ll “Never Clean Your Gutters Again” with their gutter protection systems that have a lifetime guarantee. More importantly, their installers are well-trained and serious about extending their help to preserve the beauty of your home – unlike others that leave a huge mess behind.

 (Article Excerpt and Image from Wise Geek, “How do I Choose the Best Gutter Guard?”)