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Is Your House Disaster-Ready? The Condition of Your Gutters Matter

By April 7, 2014October 16th, 2023No Comments

The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) warned that harsh hurricanes, strong tornadoes, rapid wildfires and devastating floods come around every single year. Indeed, disasters can strike anywhere and nature doesn’t keep a chart or a timeline to know that you’ve been visited before by one storm and spare your area for the next one.

Strong storms have taken a toll on lives, businesses and homes. reminds you to make sure that you are ready:

Eaton said consumers should look at the types of the disasters their area may be prone to, to determine if they have the proper coverage in place.

Consumers can protect themselves, their homes and businesses from damage during a disaster by taking specific loss prevention steps, including preparing family survival kits, fortifying homes against natural risks such as wildfire or wind, and creating a detailed home inventory, which can help expedite claims if a disaster occurs, she said.

Your best defense against the weather and natural disasters begins with the roof, gutters, siding, doors and windows. Certainly, no one wants to experience any violent storm systems, especially one strong enough to cause severe damage. But preparation can help you withstand much of what the nature has in store. You can practice precautionary measures to help prepare for the worst. Build a “fortified” home by always inspecting your exteriors and making sure that there aren’t any areas of weakness. For instance, you could try installing rain gutter guards, which help protect your gutters from debris.

Keeping your gutters clear at all times to prevent clogging and disintegrating under heavy rains is vital because if they aren’t working properly, waste buildup could cause the entire system to collapse. Contact Gutter Helmet® to install a rain gutter system to prevent this type of issue from happening. They provide a free in-home consultation to check your roof and look for worn-out or damaged gutters.


(Article Excerpt from Five Essential Safety Steps to Take Before Severe Weather Hits,