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Many gutter guard companies claim that they sell the best gutter protection, yet there are unique benefits that set Gutter Helmet® apart from the competition. In addition, few can share so many great gutter guard reviews! Here are several myths that we hear from potential customers about the competition that just don’t add up.

Myth #1 – Theirs is the only product with a “no-clog warranty.”

First, lots of companies offer a no-clog warranty. But the competitors’ fine print also states you can get a free cleaning when the system clogs … which is a bit contradictory. Gutter Helmet never needs cleaning and our warranty guarantees it.

Myth #2 – A wider gap is better.

The bigger the gap, whether it be in a gutter cap or a screen-type design, the more likely debris and pests are to get into the gutter. Gutter Helmet’s 3/8-inch gap has been carefully engineered to allow a heavy flow of water while keeping out leaves and debris. Other products with a wide ½-inch gap will not be as effective at keeping out debris.

Myth #3 – A lower profile is better.

Some companies falsely claim that their lower profile not only looks better but also performs better. The issue is that products designed with a lower profile must compensate with a sharper curve around the nose, which reduces the surface tension necessary to direct water into gutters. Gutter Helmet’s textured nose-forward design gives it superior water-handling performance.

Myth #4 – Ice falls harmlessly to the ground due to an “ice release” system.

Anytime ice falls to the ground, it can cause damage to landscaping, your home exterior or even people below. The ribbed surface of Gutter Helmet allows melting ice to flow into the gutters without sliding off in sheets. If icing is a serious issue on your home, Helmet Heat® can help prevent ice buildup.

Myth #5 – Thicker material is better.

When it comes to gutter guards, thicker really means heavier. That added weight puts more stress on gutters. With a patented textured panel made of anodized aluminum and a 48-gauge aluminum bracket with twin beams that transfer the weight of the helmet from your gutters to your roof, Gutter Helmet makes your gutter system lighter and stronger.

Myth # 6 – Gutter Helmet® voids your roof warranty.

Because of the installation method and how the weight of the Gutter Helmet is transferred to the roof, some gutter shield companies claim that our product voids a roof’s warranty. Leading roofing manufacturers have repeatedly said that Gutter Helmet does NOT void any roof warranty.

Don’t Be Misled by Other Brands

Gutter guard reviews will tell you a lot about various products and may even dispel some of the myths. Only Gutter Helmet’s patented nose-forward design allows water into the gutter while funneling debris off over the edge. Manufactured with durable and lightweight aluminum and finished with Kynar® paint, not only will your Gutter Helmet function flawlessly, it will look great too. If you’re looking for the best gutter protection, call Gutter Helmet at (800) 824-3772 to be connected with your local Gutter Helmet installer. You can also fill out our contact form and we’ll have them contact you.