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Snow can cause damage to your roof, siding and foundation. One way you can avoid water-related issues with your exterior is by investing in a quality gutter protection system. You don’t have to worry about snow harming your foundation or cleaning gutters with gutter guards from Gutter Helmet®.

Knowing the common warning signs and causes of foundation water damage can help you prevent it from affecting the rest of your home.

Warning Signs of Foundation Damage

Your home might be suffering from foundation damage if a door stops latching or is jammed constantly. Check doorways, windows and areas where walls meet ceilings for cracks. Other indications of foundation damage include sticking windows and cracks in vinyl or ceramic tile that’s installed over a concrete floor.

Common Causes of Water Damage

Frost can damage pavement and structures through the heaving of the frozen ground caused by ice lenses forming in the soil. Damage can also occur when the ground collapses once the frost lenses thaw. Building codes require at least 30 inches of a building’s footing depth to prevent frost expansion.

Freeze and thaw cycles can cause the ground to shift around four to eight inches. These numbers can go as high as 24 depending on soil and water conditions, causing cracks in the foundation’s structure. Moreover, pipes without insulation are likely to freeze and crack during winter. Frozen pipes can quickly flood your interior. A tiny crack in a pipe can produce over 250 gallons of water daily.

Ways to Prevent Water Damage

Your landscaping should be sloped away from your foundation at around six inches for every 10 horizontal feet. You can get rid of frost heaves by reducing frost penetration, keeping water out of the freezing zone and by making sure soil in the freezing zone isn’t prone to frost.

Make sure that your gutters are clog-free and downspouts are directed away from your home. Save time and effort from cleaning gutters with gutter guards. Gutter guards will prevent debris from entering your gutters but still allow for proper water flow.  At Gutter Helmet of Eastern Shore, we offer long-lasting and durable gutter guards . Give us a call (800) 824-3772 or fill out our contact form to get a free quote. We work with clients in Salisbury, Maryland.