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Icicles are pretty to look at during the winter months, but the weight of icicles can pull your gutters away from the side of your home. In some cases, the heavy weight of ice can pull gutters completely off, leading to expensive repair costs. Heavy snow and ice that build up on the edges of your roof can also damage siding and the roof itself. To make matters worse, icy runoff will turn your walkway and stairs into a treacherous safety hazard. One solution to ice dams and icicles is a heated gutter cap from Gutter Helmet® called Helmet Heat®.

The Cause of Ice Dams

Icicles that hang off the edges of gutters in winter aren’t caused by the gutters themselves. Icicles are a symptom of heat loss from a home. When snow melts and the water refreezes before it drains through the gutters, icicles are the result. As if that’s not bad enough, an ice dam may form when melting snow and ice cannot drain. An ice dam occurs when water builds up behind a ridge of ice and redirects back under shingles and into your home. The snow on the roof must first melt to turn into an ice dam, which means heat is escaping from the roof and melting the snow.

The Solution to Ice Damming

Depending on the reason for your ice dams, you may need to consider several solutions. First, if the ice damming stems from clogged gutters, they should be cleaned and you should look at a heated gutter system that will keep your gutters clean and warmed to prevent ice buildup. Because a common reason for ice dams is heat loss from inside the home, you may need a roofer to evaluate the roof’s ventilation and insulation to see if changes are necessary. For many homes with severe ice dams, a combination of changes to insulation and ventilation as well as the addition of a heated gutter cap can virtually eliminate the problem.

Why Choose Helmet Heat®

There are several heated gutter systems on the market. The Helmet Heat deicing system from Gutter Helmet is the safest, most effective method available to remove snow on roofs and stop ice dams and icicles from forming. Helmet Heat is available to homes with the Gutter Helmet gutter protection system installed. Your Gutter Helmet dealer can install it through a dedicated switch so you have total control of when it’s on and off. When you have Helmet Heat on your home, snow and ice melts before it can build up in your gutters, saving you from roof and gutter repair.

Contact Gutter Helmet® Today

If you’re looking for a safe, affordable way to prevent dangerous ice buildup on your home, call your local Gutter Helmet installer and ask about Helmet Heat. You can chat with us here or call (800) 824-3772 to be connected to your local installer to learn more.