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There are many kinds of gutter guard systems to choose from, but not all of them have the same level of efficiency, as evidenced by numerous gutter guard reviews. Read on as Infinity Home Improvements shares a look at the gutter guards that you can find in today’s homes.

5 Types of Gutter Protection Systems

  1. Perforated — Perforated gutter guards are one of the most common gutter protection systems, which features a flat length of perforated plastic or metal. In addition to professionally-installed perforated gutter guards, pre-cut, off-the-shelf models are also available. While perforated gutter guards can keep out branches and large leaves, it’s not as efficient when it comes to needles, pods and seeds, which can still cause clogging.

  1. Mesh Screens — Mesh screens are similar to perforated gutter guards but feature a fine mesh made of stainless steel. While it is more efficient in filtering detritus, the mesh is too fine that it isn’t as efficient in letting water through. Many homeowners have complained about rainwater splashing on top of the mesh instead of through it.

  1. Foam — Foam gutter guards are lengths of polyurethane foam that is stuffed into the gutters. It’s supposed to filter the rainwater all the way to the bottom, which works for light rainfall. However, it does present several problems, such as reduced efficiency due to the space it occupies. It can’t handle heavy rainfall or completely prevent clogging since needles and dirt can still get into the crevices. It also retains moisture under the foam, which can lead to corrosion, as well as encourage algae growth.

  1. Brushes — Like foam gutter guards, gutter brushes sit inside the gutters, with the bristles acting as the filter. The bristles have proven to be problematic as leaves and large pieces of debris often get stuck on it. The bristles can also damage the sealant and any waterproofing coating within.

  1. Gutter Helmet® — Gutter Helmet differs from all other gutter protection systems, in that it doesn’t do any filtering at all. Rather, the solid top has a specially-designed profile that uses surface tension to route rainwater into narrow slits, while all manner of leaves and debris fall to the ground. This not only makes Gutter Helmet the most efficient gutter guard system, but also the one that requires virtually no maintenance. But don’t take our word for it; check out the gutter guard reviews.

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