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When it comes to gutter protection products, Gutter Helmet® is second to none. In terms of water flow handling, durability and overall performance, Gutter Helmet’s innovative design has been proven time and again to be superior to other gutter guard systems .

Read on as the experts from Gutter Helmet of Northern Minnesota discuss the many advantages of choosing Gutter Helmet for your home.


Gutter Helmet is made from high-gauge, heavy-duty aluminum. Our exclusive nose-forward design is specially engineered to allow huge amounts of rainwater to flow freely into the troughs, while keeping potential obstructions away. By completely eliminating the need for regular gutter cleaning services, Gutter Helmet easily pays for itself in savings within a few years.

Superior Protection

When your gutters become clogged with dead leaves, pine needles, snow or other debris, water doesn’t flow as efficiently and ends up penetrating your roofing assembly, siding board, and even your home’s foundation. Standing water is particularly detrimental to wooden rafters and beams, which are highly prone to warping and rotting. The water can seep through the underlayment, causing leaks inside your home. And, finally, when this water finds its way to the ground around your house, ity can soften the earth around the foundation, leading to serious structural problems.

With Gutter Helmet’s superior protection, you can easily avoid all these issues, saving you a big headache and lots of money in repairs.

Safety Guaranteed

With Gutter Helmet’s gutter protection products, when we say you’ll “Never Clean Your Gutters Again™,” we mean it. There’s no more need to get up on a ladder and risk falling, as you’ll never have to clear away any debris from your troughs.

At Gutter Helmet of Northern Minnesota, we are your number one provider of Gutter Helmet, the country’s best gutter protection system. Give us a call at (866) 937-3508 or fill out our online contact form to request a free quote. We serve homeowners in Culver, MN, and nearby areas.