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Of all the chores that must be done around the house, cleaning the gutters is perhaps the least looked forward to by many homeowners across the nation. Clearing out the moist, half-rotten leaves and other debris that pile up inside your trough is bad enough on its own; now, you also have to deal with the additional risk involved in doing the task while you’re high up near your roof. If only there was a way to permanently keep your gutters protected against these potential problems.

As one of the best gutter covers available today, Gutter Helmet® eliminates all the ick out of cleaning up your gutters. Let our professional installers from Carolina Gutter Helmet show you how.

Neither Rain, Sleet nor Snow

When it comes to handling precipitation, no other gutter protection system comes close to Gutter Helmet’s superior flow handling. The ribbed surface allows water to flow easily into the troughs, and the cover’s texture is specifically designed to maximize the effects of surface tension. This allows huge amounts of water to flow continuously with little to no obstruction. The structure itself is so durable, it’s proven to handle 22 inches of rain per hour, way above the average rainfall for South Carolina.

Say Goodbye to Clogging

Perhaps, the biggest advantage that draws many homeowners to Gutter Helmet is its promise that you will Never Clean Your Gutters Again®. The only thing that can pass through its exclusive nose-forward design is water, ensuring that all fallen leaves, branches and other debris fall cleanly off the gutter covers and onto the ground, where they can be disposed of properly and easily.

At Carolina Gutter Helmet, we are your number one trusted provider of Gutter Helmet and other related gutter protection systems. Give us a call at (866) 882-8292, or fill out our online contact form to request a free quote today. We serve homes in Greer, SC, as well as nearby areas.