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It’s not a good look for your property when your yard gets swampy after a storm. And in some cases when water doesn’t easily run towards a storm drain, you may even have to deal with flooding. The good news is there are a few steps that you can take to avoid this kind of scenario.

In this article, Gutter Helmet® of Eastern Shore, a top-rated company with the best gutter guard reviews in the area, shares four ways you can prevent your yard from getting soggy every time it rains.

1. Know Your Drainage Options

If the water rushing from the gutters and downspouts isn’t able to reach the storm drain, you can reroute the rainwater through a French drain. A French drain is a perforated underground pipe that collects and directs surface water to a curbside storm drain.

2. Ensure Your Yard Has Adequate Slope

Your yard should have adequate slope that determines where and how rainwater will drain. Efficient drainage typically requires a minimum slope of 2% away from your home or a fall of two feet for every 100 linear feet of yard.

3. Create a Rain Garden

Turn the low-lying areas in your yard, which usually become ugly swampy patches, into beautiful rain gardens. These plant beds are best for filling depressions in the ground, and you can create one by using porous soil and plants that thrive in standing water such as ferns.

4. Clear Water From Patios and Walkways

If your patio or walkway sits lower than the surrounding yard, it can easily collect standing water after a storm. You can raise the level of these areas, but this is usually labor-intensive and costly. An alternative solution is a storm drain channel, which you can install along the lowest slope of your patio or walkway. This allows you to connect the channel to a French drain.

Gutter Helmet of Eastern Shore has been installing gutter protection products for over 10 years. Due to our expert craftsmanship, we have gained the best gutter guard reviews from local homeowners. Call us at (866) 333-8150 or fill out our contact form to request a free estimate. We serve customers in Salisbury, Maryland and nearby areas.