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Climate change is one of today’s biggest environmental issues. Global warming is causing an increase in temperatures all over the world. The steady increase in global temperatures has various effects. Besides melting polar ice caps, high temperatures also affect water cycles and precipitation patterns.


One of the effects of altered precipitation patterns is how we get heavier rains than usual. As temperatures increase, evaporation happens faster. Additionally, warmer air holds more moisture, which results in heavier downpours.

Read on as Mr. Fix It Virginia sheds light on how climate change can actually affect your gutters.

Heavier Rains Mean More Water for Your Gutters

When planning a gutter replacement and looking for gutters and gutter cover reviews, it’s possible that you’re looking for information such as water capacity. With climate change causing heavier rains, it’s important that a gutter system is big enough to handle a large volume of water. 

Gutter Protection Plays a Role

Heavier rains mean your gutters will be filled with water fast—and even faster when they’re clogged by waste and debris. Furthermore, the weight of water plus the weight of debris can be too much for your gutters. Sectional gutters, in particular, can easily sag and leak because of the excessive weight. Additionally, clogged gutters are also not as effective in driving away water from the home.  

Gutter Size and Protection Matters

With rains getting heavier, it’s necessary to have an adequately sized and protected gutter system that is well-equipped to handle more water and effectively channel it away from your home.

Mr. Fix It Virginia can provide you with the best gutter system designed to suit your home specifically. We are your number one provider of the best gutter guard system and gutter installation services. Give us a call at (800) 816-9140 or fill out our contact form to get your free quote. We serve homeowners in Ashland, Virginia and other nearby areas.