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For a gutter system to last a long time, it needs to be well-designed and installed. The best materials should also be carefully selected with consideration of the area’s climate and the home’s style.


Several problems may arise when gutter material is not chosen carefully. Among these are corrosion or rusting. In this post, Mr. Fix It Virginia, your source for the best rain gutter system in the area, shares the basics of galvanic corrosion in gutters—what it is and how to prevent it. 

What is Corrosion and What Causes It?

Corrosion is more commonly known as rust. It is the result of the deterioration of components and materials made of certain metals, particularly when they interact with chemicals in the environment. 

How to Prevent Corrosion?

Roofs and gutters typically have metal components, so corrosion should be highly considered when selecting materials. There are several ways to minimize corrosion, including the following:

  • Avoiding mixing different types of metals in one installation – When different metals are joined together, galvanic corrosion is more likely to occur.
  • Minimizing wetness – True enough, you can’t stop rain and snow from wetting your roof and gutters. However, your roof and gutters are supposed to dry once the rain or snow stops. If your gutters are clogged, they will never dry completely. This is one of the reasons you should install an efficient gutter protection system.

As the premier source of top-notch gutter systems and protection in the area, Mr. Fix It Virginia can help you get the best gutters for your home. We make sure that issues such as galvanic corrosion can be the least of your concerns. Call us today at (800) 816-9140 to get a free estimate. You may also submit our contact form to request a quote. We serve clients in Ashland, Virginia and other nearby areas.