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It’s never too late to catch up on home and yard maintenance work. But not all of these maintenance tasks are as simple as wiping down smudges from windows. Some of them can even be a bit dangerous, and you’ll want to make sure you’ll stay safe as you do them. Gutter Helmet of Northern Minnesota, the area’s trusted gutter systems installation and maintenance expert, shares some important home maintenance safety tips below.

1. Call a professional. This is the simplest way. By leaving the work to a professional, you remove the risk of injuring yourself. Take gutter cleaning, for example. This requires climbing a ladder and working from a great height with various tools and equipment. Professionals have undergone rigorous training on the best practices for this type of work to ensure their safety, while most homeowners have not.

2. Install Gutter Helmet®. Using a patented nose-forward design, Gutter Helmet is an innovative gutter protection system that prevents debris such as leaves, twigs and grime from accumulating in your gutters. As a result, it eliminates the need to clean your gutters yourself, making it a much safer option.

3. Practice basic safety measures. If you must perform maintenance tasks yourself, always make sure that you’re wearing the necessary safety gear for that particular task. For example, if you’re cleaning the bathroom with chemicals, make sure all the windows are open or the exhaust fans are running. When handling chemicals, wear a mask, a pair of gloves and safety goggles. When cleaning or inspecting appliances, make sure the power is turned off beforehand. And if you need to use sharp tools, try to use them only one at a time and make sure that you’re completely focused on the task at hand.

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