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If you’re looking for the best gutter covers, you want metal gutter shields. Plastic gutter covers are less expensive initially and easy to self-install, but you’ll find that they need to be replaced sooner than metal. As you evaluate your options for gutter covers, you should only consider those made of a high-quality, rust-resistant metal for several reasons.

Plastic Shouldn’t Be Part of a Roofing System

Although there was a time when some parts of a roofing system, like the soffits, were plastic, this is now rare. There’s a very good reason for that. The majority of the homes in the U.S. have asphalt shingles. The asphalt used in the manufacture of shingles can break down plastic products. In fact, the National Roofing Contractors Association recommends that all flashing (and roofing components) be metal whenever possible.

As rainwater runs down your roof over your asphalt shingles, small amounts of the chemicals in your roofing material go into the gutters. If you have vinyl or another type of plastic gutter guard, they become less effective in two ways. First, the oil-based asphalt cannot be washed off the gutter covers. It instead attaches to the gutter cover and acts as a magnet for dirt, pollen, leaf particles and all the other debris that reduces the effectiveness of the cover itself. Second, the plastic will break down sooner than metal gutter shields.

Weather & UV Rays Damage Plastic

Have you every had a plastic yard chair that you left out in the yard all winter? If you tried to sit on it in the spring, did it crack or break? That’s because plastic has a greater coefficient of expansion and contraction than other materials, which means that as the temperature fluctuates, it changes in size. Apply this same principle to your plastic gutter covers and you’ll understand that over time, they will bend, buckle or break due to this process.

UV rays can be just as damaging. The sun dries out plastic even when a manufacturer adds chemicals to vinyl to counter the weathering process. Plastic naturally hardens over time and becomes brittle and prone to cracking.

Quality Metal Gutter Shields Are Superior

Metal gutter shields don’t break down from the chemicals in asphalt or from UV exposure. Because it’s likely that your gutters are also made from metal, the gutter covers and gutters themselves will expand and contract at the same rate, resulting in fewer gaps and fewer opportunities for debris to get in.

The best gutter covers come from Gutter Helmet®. Manufactured from high-quality aluminum, Gutter Helmet’s patented design forces debris over the top of the covers while allowing only water into them. The PermaLife™ finish and Triple Lifetime Warranty mean you’ll never have to paint your gutter covers or replace them. Plus, you can pass your warranty along to a new homeowner if you sell your home!

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