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2016 Marks Gutter Helmet’s 35th Year in Business

By January 4, 2016October 17th, 2023No Comments

GH 35 Years Shield [Converted] edit2016 is a special year for Gutter Helmet® – it’s our 35th year in business! We’ve been installing gutter protection systems around the country since 1981! We’re so grateful to have had wonderful customers, a dedicated internal team and an outstanding network of installers for all these years.

A Little History

The idea for developing a truly effective gutter protection system was conceived in the 1960s. It took two decades of careful planning to develop our own patented designs that quickly became adopted nationwide, along with our slogan of “Never Clean Your Gutters Again®.”

Nose-Forward, Ribbed Surface Design

In the 1960s, our team of researchers invented a method of passively drawing water into rain gutters while allowing debris, leaves and twigs to fall to the ground naturally without clogging gutter systems. This innovative method employs a ribbed surface and patented nose-forward design. Surface tension increases due to the textured cap, permitting rainwater to cling to the cover as it curves and falls down into the gutter, passing through a narrow slit. On the other hand, debris just falls right off the edge because the slit is too small to allow debris, and it’s situated at an angle to encourage the steady flow of rainwater downwards.

Seven Design Patents and Over 30 Years of Experience

Since Gutter Helmet was formed, we have been awarded seven design patents!  Our team is committed to ongoing improvements and product innovation. We’ve grown our network of professional, trained and certified dealers throughout the U.S. Today our Gutter Helmet system has become the leading choice for gutter protection nationwide.

Since 2005, Gutter Helmet has been owned by Southeastern Metals®, a division of Gibraltar Industries, a publicly-held, billion-dollar company. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Southeastern Metals is a pioneer in the manufacture of metal building products. Southeastern Metals is known for precision in engineering and high-quality manufacturing that ensure both the structural integrity and durability of its entire product line.

Durability, Reliability & Lifetime Warranty
Gutter Helmet systems are built to last. We design them and install them carefully, taking the stress away from homeowners and offering peace of mind and home protection. We also back our products with a lifetime warranty.

We’ve also developed additional, related products such as Helmet Heat®, a self-regulating heating cable that prevents the buildup of snow and ice in Gutter Helmet. Many of our installers also offer additional gutter-related solutions, such as hanging gutters.

Get a quote today or call us at (800) 824-3772 to schedule an installation by one of our certified Gutter Helmet dealers.

A Big Thank You

We want to thank each and every customer we’ve had since we launched. Our customers inspire us to get better at what we do every day. Thank you for 35 wonderful years!