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Can I Paint My Gutters?

By January 5, 2016October 17th, 2023No Comments

One problem with installing new gutters on your home is that sometimes it is difficult to find ones that match your homes unique look. Hanging gutters in Anchorage AK, and the local area, on your home that are not the right color or style will really show up as rain gutters are a prominent feature on a home.

Many homeowners ask “Is it possible to paint your rain gutters?” The answer is yes, since most gutters are made of metal, and metal is very compatible with paint. However, certain things must be done to make sure it is a good and lasting job.

First of all, for a longer-lasting, better-looking paint job on metal surfaces, you have to use a good oil-based primer and one that is specifically made for metal. For the final coat, use a high-quality paint recommended for metal.

Preparation is the Key

As with any paint job, but especially when painting metal, the key to success is preparation. Give your gutters a thorough cleaning with soap and water. If your gutters have been painted before, you will have to remove any lose paint before you wash. Use sponges, brushes, and a hose to rinse the soap and dirt off.

If you have aluminum gutters, and they have been painted before, you might have a chalky substance on the surface after the gutters dry. This is just pigment particles that form on the surface of the original paint over time. You can apply the primer over that.

If you can find a clear acrylic bonding primer, it will penetrate the chalky aluminum and makes a perfect foundation for a final coat of 100 percent acrylic paint. The paint doesn’t have to be acrylic, but it adheres well to aluminum. Whether you are painting gutters that are new or just want to spruce up old ones or change their color, painting is a good DIY task to improve your home. If you are hanging gutters in Anchorage AK, or the local area, and could use some professional help, call ABC Seamless Siding. We can install our seamless metal gutters, which are extra-large “fascia-style” gutters that are stronger than aluminum, and are designed for maximum water carrying capacity. We can also install seamless steel siding on your home and much more.