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Gutters are a vital component in a roofing system, redirecting water runoff toward the drains. They also serve an aesthetic purpose of enhancing the home exterior’s visual appeal. Of course, regular care and maintenance are necessary for them to stay in good condition, but if you want your gutters to stay both functional and aesthetically pleasing, you need to select the right material.

Zinc Gutters

Compared to other metals, such as steel, aluminum and copper, zinc offers a natural defense against rain and the other elements. One of its notable features is its zinc-carbonate patina finish, which develops as a result of weathering and lends the gutter material its anti-corrosive properties. Zinc also naturally keeps the mold, fungus and mildew at bay, which makes it ideal for climates that don’t have a lot of moisture and little sunlight.

Zinc is also one of the more affordable gutter materials compared to copper. It’s also more sustainable as it maintains its function and surface health for many years with minimal maintenance. The material can also be recycled infinitely and doesn’t lose its physical or chemical characteristics in the recycling process!

Copper Gutters

This material offers a uniquely elegant appeal that can help any residential home stand out in the neighborhood. Although it’s one of the most expensive in the market, it’s also considered one of the best long-term investments for your roof as it is highly reliable and durable. With regular care and maintenance, a copper gutter system can last for decades! 

Like their zinc counterparts, copper gutters form a blue-green patina on their surfaces –  also a result of long-term exposure to the elements. This coating is also what protects the material from corroding and is also a natural fungicide and algaecide that prevents organic growth from developing. This material has also been in use for roofing and gutter applications for centuries and it can be found in many historical structures around the world.

Which Should You Choose?

Both zinc and copper last much longer in ideal conditions than aluminum and other gutter materials. However, choosing between these premium products boils down to your preference, budget and architectural home style. Zinc gutters are a great choice if you want as much design flexibility as possible as they come in a wide variety of colors. Then again, you can’t go wrong with copper gutters, especially if you want a more rustic or class feel to your historic home exterior.

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