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A green and healthy landscape demands proper care and maintenance to keep it visually appealing. If you put off the necessary maintenance routine, your lawn can easily be overwhelmed by different threats such as pests and weeds. Neglecting to provide adequate water and nutrition can also gradually damage your lawn over time.

As a homeowner, it helps to understand the different threats against your lawn if it isn’t properly maintained. Gutter Helmet, a trusted gutter shield installer, explains some of the most common ones below.

Unhealthy Soil

Healthy soil goes a long way to keeping your lawn healthy. To avoid having poor soil, make sure to have your lawn aerated once a year to get more nutrients, water and air into the substrate. You may need to fix your soil by amending it with organic matter such as compost and mulch. It also helps to get your soil tested every few years to evaluate its condition and give you a better idea of how you can improve it.

Standing Water

This can be caused by several factors, but it’s most commonly due to the soil draining poorly as well as low spots in some areas of your lawn. As a gutter cap installer, we also understand that this can be caused by excess runoff from your gutter system. Make sure that your gutters and downspouts are aligned properly and draining safely away from your lawn. As for low areas, you can improve drainage and get rid of standing water by installing a French drain, which is a gravel-filled trench sloping down toward an exit point.  


If not properly managed, weeds can quickly affect the landscape. Not only will they look bad, they also threaten a lawn’s overall health because they steal nutrients from newly grown grass and crowd it out. To guarantee a healthy landscape, you should always be ready to deal with weeds. That means pulling them and/or investing in chemical weed control services to eliminate and protect your lawn against unwanted growth.

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