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There are many good uses for vinyl, but when it comes to gutters, you’re better off choosing a different material. In this blog, the best gutter guards provider in Culver, Gutter Helmet® of Northern Minnesota, shares the reasons why few gutter experts recommend vinyl gutters.

It’s Not Strong Enough

Gutters are regularly exposed to strain caused by heavy rainfall and the weight of accumulated dirt. Vinyl tends to become brittle when exposed to extreme cold, making vinyl gutters unsuitable for Minnesota’s climate. If you’re wondering why vinyl siding and windows don’t crack under the same climatic conditions, it’s because they do not have gallons of water rushing into them when it rains.

Gutters made from galvanized steel or aluminum are more resilient, especially when properly installed using the right hangers. Sheet metal is more flexible, and it remains strong under most climatic conditions. While metal gutters are vulnerable to corrosion, this can be prevented with a protective layer of paint.

Limited Color Selection

Vinyl typically comes in molded-in colors, which gives it an edge over most building materials as it does not require repainting. However, this also means that your color selection is limited by what vinyl gutter manufacturers offer. Vinyl also doesn’t play well with most types of paint. Standard galvanized steel gutters, on the other hand, have factory-applied coatings that can be ordered in virtually any color. This gives you more flexibility with your color selection.

Weak Seams

Vinyl gutters are installed like traditional sectional gutters, but the joints are welded using heat or adhesive, which are nowhere near as durable as fasteners, and therefore are prone to leaks. Metal gutters are available in seamless varieties, which eliminates seams and joints, making them less vulnerable to leaks and corrosion.

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