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Many seniors today are getting in on the popular trend of living in forever homes instead of staying in assisted living facilities. This, however, presents unique challenges, particularly on keeping up with maintenance. With a plan in place and being aware of the obstacles along the way, seniors can lead and maintain their quality of life through their golden years.

Infinity Home Improvement offers some of the important home maintenance tips for seniors to consider.

Check the Home Exterior

Keep an eye on your roof, siding, windows and doors from the outside, especially after a big storm. Walk around your property and take note of the damage. Leave the rooftop work to the professionals so your home can go back to its previous condition.

Also, if you see gutters filled with leaves and other debris, don’t attempt to clean it yourself. To keep your gutter system in top shape, investing gutter guard cleaning from pros like us is an ideal option. You get a long-term solution without the constant need for maintenance or repairs.

Pay Attention to Your Home’s Plumbing

Take note of any leaks on important plumbing fixtures like kitchen and bathroom sinks, faucets and water heaters. Also, make sure filters on your washing machine and water filters are cleaned or replaced as needed. This prevents potential issues that might cause damage to equipment.

Maintain the Floor and Path You Walk On

Reduce trip and fall risks by checking for any inconsistencies on the floors or paths you walk on. Cracked tile, wrinkled carpet and heaved walkways are hazards, so make sure to call a professional to have these issues fixed as soon as possible.

When it comes to dealing with gutters, you don’t have to worry about clogs that cause rainwater to back up and damage your home’s exterior. At Infinity Home Improvement, we can install a gutter protection system that keeps debris out of your gutters and ensure proper water flow every time it rains or snows. With the best gutter guard cleaning pros in the area, we commit ourselves to quality in both products and services.

Give us a call at (800) 824-3772 or fill out our contact form to learn more about gutter protection systems. We serve residents of Wyoming, Michigan, and the surrounding areas.