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Gutter Helmet Systems of Alabama knows how important it is to keep your gutter system well-cared for and maintained properly. Each of its components play a vital role in keeping the water runoff away from your roof and down the floor drain. This includes your gutter caps, which protect your gutters from debris and clogging, and your downspouts, which need to observe proper placement to ensure an effective system. 

How Downspouts Work

Downspouts determine where the water will discharge from your gutter system and into your yard or floor drain. They essentially direct where the water runoff will flow away from your home, and they usually have an additional component such as a splash block to keep the foundation dry. With a carefully planned downspout placement, your gutters can handle stormwater runoff or melted snow easily and keep your home free of leaks.

The Consequences of an Improper Downspout Placement   

When placing your downspouts, they should be planned strategically to maximize the effectiveness of your whole gutter system. If the downspout doesn’t direct water away properly, it will start to pool near your home instead. This will waterlog any plants and shrubbery planted right outside your home and can become a breeding ground for certain insects such as mosquitoes. The pooling water may also infiltrate your home’s foundation and leak into the basement, which can lead to mold growth and cracks. 

How to Place Your Downspouts Properly

If you want to keep your home’s basement dry and your foundation intact, you’ll need to carefully think about your downspout placement. There should be one for every 20 to 30 feet of your gutters, and they should be positioned with your roof’s pitch. This is to keep the water runoff flowing properly instead of pooling under your shingles and causing additional damage.

As a trusted name in installing gutter caps, Gutter Helmet Systems of Alabama always gets the job done. Call us today at (866) 598-7525 or fill out our online contact form! We serve Alabama, including Chelsea and surrounding areas.

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