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With the help of advanced gutter protection systems, homeowners no longer have to worry about tedious gutter maintenance. However, because your gutter covers are exposed to harsh elements every day, they are also prone to damage, which is why you need to pay close attention to them. Read on to learn why gutter guard cleaning is essential.

Gutter Guard Upkeep

It’s a common misconception that gutter covers don’t require maintenance. A do-it-yourself gutter mesh or screen needs to be checked periodically to ensure it’s still functioning properly. Consequently, gutter guard cleaning is a must to prevent issues related to dirt buildup. Check your gutter guards at least twice a year and clean them as necessary.

Eliminating Gutter Guard Maintenance

Alternatively, invest in Gutter Helmet®. The advanced features of this innovative product ensure you won’t have to worry about debris accumulation in your metal channels. Gutter Helmet reliably blocks leaves, twigs and other debris from entering your system. It also features a PermaLife™ finish that resists chipping and cracking.

We do recommend checking Gutter Helmet once a year or after a strong storm. In the unlikely event an issue arises with Gutter Helmet, simply contact our team. We’ll answer all your questions to help you address any problems.

At Gutter Helmet Systems of Alabama, we ensure proper installation of gutter covers to protect your home from water damage. We’ll guide you through the process to guarantee the success of your project. Call us today at (866) 598-7525 to learn more about our products and services. We serve residents of Chelsea, AL, and nearby areas.