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Thanks to the Internet and countless YouTube tutorials, DIY (“do it yourself”) home improvement projects are more popular than ever. However, there are some components of your home that really do require professional expertise, and your roof and gutters are two of them. In today’s post, we explain why gutter guard installation should always be entrusted to an experienced professional.

Bad Idea DIY Gutter Guard Installation

The Downside of Using DIY Gutter Guards

You might know a few things from various DIY self-help references, but that doesn’t mean the gutter cover installation will turn out successfully. First of all, choosing an effective gutter guard system off the rack is a tricky endeavor. For example, foam gutter guards come in long chunks of dense triangular foam designed to fit inside the gutters. While they’re accessible and relatively easy to install, you need to purchase the pre-cut pieces that will fit the system. Getting the wrong size is an easy mistake and will create major inconveniences.

Additionally, mesh gutter covers aren’t as effective as those offered by professionals. They still allow small debris to enter the system, which can result in clogging. Choosing a gutter protection system with glowing gutter guard reviews ensures free-flowing gutters.

Gutter Helmet® as a Smart Alternative

With our excellent gutter protection system, homeowners won’t have to deal with frequent gutter cleaning. Gutter Helmet® has a unique design that blocks dirt and debris from entering the system. It also utilizes the principle of surface tension by allowing water to cling to it as it moves smoothly through a small slit into your gutters. In addition, it features a PermaLife™ coating that provides long-lasting beauty and protection.

At Gutter Helmet of Alabama, we provide excellent gutter guard installation services to meet your needs. Our long list of positive gutter guard reviews gives you peace of mind that our team has the tools and training to install your gutter guards correctly and safely.

Call us today at (866) 598-7525 to learn more about our products and services. We serve residents of Chelsea, AL, and nearby areas.